(Old Age Home)

Huis Davidtsz in Pretoria suffered under EFF supporters since February 2018. Members of the EFF took total control of the entire building, and replaced the management with their own people. They control access, deliveries and visits to the old age home. In short, they managed the entire building and operations. The management of Huis Davidtsz tried several options to restore order at the old age home by appointing various security companies but to no avail. The management then tried to negotiate with the aggressors but that too didn’t work. Then in February 2019, a year later the body corporate of Huis Davidtsz decided to call upon the services of Central Executive Network (Pty) Ltd. A special operation was conducted and within two days order was restored, the building was recovered and handed back to the body corporate of Huis Davidtsz. Since then all operations continued smoothly as before the oppression by the EFF members.  

Cas Weber
Chairman Deo Gloria Utilities



Central Executive Network have provided security for our travelling media party in South Africa, Poland, Ukraine and Brazil. At all times Paul and his team have provided a calm and assured – but always extremely authoritative – presence even in the most trying circumstances and locations. They are highly-efficient and ultra-professional, they go about their work in an unobtrusive manner, unless the occasion demands otherwise, but with very obvious dedication to those they are tasked to look after. They also maintain good humour in testing surroundings while able to deal with the stresses that come with high-profile events and the logistical difficulties often encountered while taking care of large groups.

Phil McNulty
Chief Sports Writer



Central Executive Network and its staff have provided an impeccable service at global sporting events. They are highly skilled at tailoring their security operation to the particular demands of a country, or setting, and bring a very human touch to the job. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Paul Hayward
Chief Sports Writer


Leading International Tours

As the operations manager of BAC Sport, an organisation who has covered many sporting events around the world to include many Football World Cups, I can categorically state that the 2014 Football World Cup event in Brazil was the most demanding event ever for many logistical and security reasons. Knowing that the safety and security of our clients; the official England media group might be at risk, we felt the need to contract the services again of Central Executive Network (CEN), a specialist security company for high risk. Since 2010 BAC Sport Ltd have come to know the driving force behind CEN special operations, Paul McMenamin. 

Paul provided our organisation with a detailed risk and security assessment, outlining and analysing potential risks and dangers whilst traveling and staying in Brazil. He assembled a team of known security professionals in their own field of expertise and delivered a cutting-edge security service from start to finish. On many occasions we’ve endured challenges where objectives seemed impossible and success slim but through complete determination, expertise and professional conduct the CEN team assisted us to make the impossible, possible.

I can sincerely recommend the services of Central Executive Network to anyone who demand higher security service levels. Central Executive Network is a first-class company managed by first-class operators.

Brian Scott
Operations Manager


I’ve had the great pleasure of travelling with the assistance of Central Executive Network on three separate and potentially difficult occasions, covering two football World Cups (South Africa in 2010 and Brazil 2014) and Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. Each country provides its own unique challenges – in terms of safety and logistics – and transporting so many journalists is a challenge in itself. We can be very demanding!

But Paul, Gerry and the rest of the CEN team are always very professional, courteous and, above all, reassuring in the way they prepare, make sure everything is safe and the circumstances are absolutely right for us to travel with confidence and security as well as being able to do our jobs efficiently. No task is ever too small and everything is done with a smile. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

John Cross


British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Central Executive Network has been providing security services to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in London since 2005.  Their service has always been of a very high standard and Paul is a pleasure to work with.  He has a professional and attentive approach to our requirements and fully understands the needs of our business.  Paul’s experience has been invaluable on numerous occasions over the years and we have always felt secure knowing that he and his highly qualified team are on board.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Central Executive Network to anyone looking to engage with a highly professional security team.

Helen Kirwan
BAFTA Head of Facilities and Procurement


Leading Production & Television

I can confirm that Paul McMenamin and his team of security operatives were contracted in June 2008 to conduct a military endurance course for the British Channel 5 series ‘Unbreakable’.  Their service included risk and security assessments, programme planning, protection and instruction.  Their approach and services were outstanding from start to finish. I can strongly recommend their services and will use CEN again without hesitation when the need arises.

Dave Mackay
Producer / Director


Facilities and Conferences

I hereby confirm that Central Executive Network is currently handling all security services for the Capital Group and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in London. Various security tasks include, the protection of VIP’s visiting BAFTA, security assessments, access and egress control, internal patrols, CCTV, mail and parcel handling as well as all lockdown procedures on a daily basis.  Their overall service is very professional and of a high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend the company services elsewhere.

Sion Parry
General Manager


Maritime Risk Company Oil & Gas

Our company has used the services of Central Executive Network CC on a number of occasions.  I can confirm that CEN had concluded their services in the most professional and effective manner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending CEN as a first-class company to provide exemplarily services.

Darren Dickson
Vice President


Financial Services Group

I herewith confirm that the services of Central Executive Network were incorporated to protect our clients in cross border trips.  From their initial consultation and throughout the duration of the contract term they remained professional and very effective. I would not hesitate to appoint CEN again to protect our people or clients when the need arises.

Richard Bonnichsen
Chief Executive Officer


Tour Operating Services

Ref: Central Executive Network (CEN)
Paul McMenamin and his team of security experts were contracted by BAC Sport to render a comprehensive security service for 7 weeks throughout the Football World Cup in South Africa.  Their main task was protecting the England Media Official Tour Group plus VIP and Corporate clients.  Services included professional and skilled protection officers, medical support, communications, a full range of special selected support vehicles, advance reconnaissance and route planning.  CEN provided extremely professional services day and night, both at our tournament base camp, on the road and by air travelling to and from world cup venues.  I would have no hesitation recommending CEN to anyone seeking any kind of security or protection service anywhere in the world.

David Pearson
Managing Director


Central Executive Network is responsible for all our security requirements.  Their services include access and egress control, internal and external patrols, handling of deliveries, lockdown procedures as well as banking services.  CEN’s management and staff are professional and meticulous in their approach and execution of services.  I have recommended their services elsewhere.

Johan Coetzee
Divisional Head


Maritime Risk Company / Oil & Gas

To whom it may concern:

I hereby confirm that Drum Cussac had used the services of Central Executive Network.  Their response to our enquiry was fast and effective and their overall service to a high standard.  I will confidently recommend their services to anyone who requires their field of expertise.

Tom O’Sullivan
ITR Operations Manager


Secondary Education

I’ve come to know of Central Executive Network as they were contracted to solve a variety of security issues at a Secondary Education Facility within the Tshwane Education Department. The following points describe the company best:
Appearance: First impressions last, their approach and appearance to our requirement were first-class
Conduct: They conducted themselves in the most professional way, trying to understand our requirement in full before   submitting a detailed proposal outlining the critical issues and workable solutions
Services: The company’s service levels were admirable from the outset and they delivered their services on time and as promised
Professionalism: I can wholeheartedly say that Central Executive Network Ltd is a classy outfit and it is my believe that they deliver cutting edge services across the world.

I shall not hesitate to recommend Central Executive Network Ltd as a quality service provider to anyone who requires professional security services.

G Venter
Tshwane Education Department