Commercial Site Assessments

Site or property assessments are vital to any property or business owner in order to gauge security weaknesses and to recommend solutions. CEN assessments cover: home owners, business owners, retail, mines, industrial plants, factories, harbours, production lines, transport / freight and storage depots.

CEN will thoroughly examine your facility. We will visit your designated sites and evaluate vulnerabilities associated with physical security and emergency preparedness. The CEN Site Assessment is completely inclusive and accomplishes a thorough examination of the site, its practical functions, and its surroundings. CEN will identify both best practices used by the site and any deficiencies related to safety, security and emergency preparedness. Present technical and physical security measures, relevant safety and security policies and procedures currently in place will be examined.

The Site Assessment takes several hours per location to complete. During two of those hours, an individual with extensive knowledge of the facility, such as the owner, principal, director, project or operations managers needs to be available to provide a tour and answer any policy and procedure questions.

A thorough examination of your property will include:

  • The surrounding area for hazards that could create a security concern
  • Internal and external design features
  • Present technical and physical security measures
  • Relevant safety and security policies and procedures currently in place