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CEN SECURITY SERVICES is one of the most trusted names in the private security industry today. First established in 2008 with one objective in mind: to render a superior integrated security service to clients around the globe. CEN SECURITY SERVICES is experienced, professional and innovative when it comes to service delivery and client care. 

We work around the Globe but in South Africa we cover the following areas:
Gauteng: Pretoria region and surroundings, Midrand and the broader Johannesburg area,
North West: Brits, Rustenburg, Zeerust.
Mpumalanga: Delmas, Witbank, Middelburg, Hendrina, Ermelo, Nelspruit and further east.
Other Provinces: Limpopo, Natal, Cape Regions


Crime has escalated rapidly in recent years which has led to many companies and organisations suffering massive losses on operations, productions and revenue. All to often companies employ security services providers because they are big or cheaper. This is not always the right path to take when it comes to stopping crime or when your business expects a continues excellent security service.  We at CEN SECURITY SERVICES therefore believe it is a long-term investment to appoint a truly professional security company who will not only act as your service provider but also as your trusted security advisors.   


  • The word okay will not be found in our services terminology.
  • CEN SECURITY SERVICES conforms to all legal requirements and achieved a status of excellence with every institution.
  • When the stakes are high the best security matters. We plan and deliver our services timely, with speed and pinpoint accuracy.
  • We assist companies or organisations diligently to assess their exposure to security risks, then shoulder the responsibility to serve and to protect.
  • We have not failed a single client since our inception in 2008.
  • We do what we say and don’t make empty promises to clients just to sell our business or services.
  • We work hard and manage hard, keeping businesses safe and operations or productions uninterrupted.


Our security officers protect businesses, productions and operations. We recruit personnel through our own security recruitment agency and pre-screened each applicant before appointment.

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In an uncertain world we live in, more and more commercial enterprises seeking personal protection for their executives or key people due to ongoing and escalating terrorism, crime and risks.

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Civil unrest situations or strike actions remain complex and potentially dangerous. We have been assisting clients successfully for a number of years with strike actions

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We liaise with clients to determine the exact service requirement, prior to information gathering and profile building.

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Please contact us Nationally during office hours on: 087 057 0379

Emergencies and International Enquiries 24/7 on: +27(0)72 333 7723 / +27(0) 82 842 2299

Alternatively, you may drop us a mail at: info@censs.co.za

Please Note: Do not contact our offices for job enquiries. You may mail us at info@censs.co.za All telephone enquiries for work will immediately be disqualified.

Business Divisions:

  • Guarding Services
  • VIP Protection Services
  • Surveillance and Investigations
  • Civil Unrest and Riot Control
  • Convoy Security
  • Farm Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Counselling services: 082 578 2583

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