“The ultimate security is the understanding of reality” H. Stanley Judd.

Reducing security risks and losses on sites or bringing shrinkage down to almost zero. The retail industry requires a meticulously constructed security strategy that would immediately save clients considerable amounts of money and personnel problems.

There are many factors that contribute toward substandard services and shrinkage, from technical logistical support and personnel to quality control and management. We take all these factors into consideration before we decide our course of action. Our strategy is a combination of methods that had been honed for site or retail security requirements over the years.

For site security services, we cover:
• Perimeter security, enhancing the outer perimeter of the site
• Access and egress control, using vehicle and personnel scanning equipment
• Internal and external patrols working on specific timings and clocking systems
• Day and night mobile patrols, creating presence and visibility
• Working front of house, creating an impression of professionalism for our clients
• Lockdown services following tight security procedures

For retail security services, we cover:
• Access control: tight security procedures on all access points
• CCTV operators: conducting full scale surveillance during operations
• Delivery and receiving: double checkers, checking and logging all stock
• Storing – knowing how much and where
• Ordering, double checking all paperwork against the order
• Selling: placing controllers and checkers at strategic positions throughout the store
• Receiving payments and cashing up
• Dispatching: double checkers, comparing all paperwork to the order