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Primary Point of View

We put clients at the heart of everything we do. First we learn as much as we can about clients’ sites, specific security requirements and the issues they face. We offer more in-depth, up-front analyses and assessments to tailor clients’ needs and to accommodate the practices they already have in place. Ultimately we will support clients long after our workable improvements have been implemented. 

Secondary Point of View

International security deployment necessitates special consideration. Every project or mission we undertake is a new beginning, detail counts and nothing is left to chance.  This proven methodology work for us, it minimises risks and enhances successes significantly. Sound intelligence, strategic planning, skilled teams, professional service delivery and quality management are the roots of our operational success. 

Our management focus on clients’ most critical risk and security issues. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective.

If you are facing a security challenge, or you simply had enough of second-rate services, contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experts. We have helped many small, medium and large companies to put an end to their security problems.

We Offer The Following Services

Security talks and conferences

We bring first hand security knowledge and years of experience to communities, making them aware of criminal tactics and strategies at the work place, at home and on the road. We share extremely valuable security information and offer guidelines that will enhance your overall all security awareness, understanding and approach. We participate in security talks to share our security knowledge aiming to contain or eradicate crime within communities.

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Site or property risk and security assessments

Identifying all potential and current risks / security breaches and deliver quality reports and proposals to strengthen security measures, control and management. Site or property assessments are vital to any property or business owner in order to gauge security weaknesses and to recommend solutions. We conduct a site assessment prior to mobilisation and initiation of our services. 


Guarding services

We offer methodically screened, PSIRA trained, registered and accomplished security officers from grades D-A. Coupled with excellent and professional service delivery, quality assurance and first-class management, make us a sure choice for guarding services. Our guards are recruited by a selected personnel agency and pre-screened before applying for a job with us.

After successful completion of CEN application and interviews, the applicant will have to undergo a further 6-month probation period to determine his/her:
• Knowledge of security
• Conduct and professionalism
• Communication and conflict management skills

Only after the successful completion of the probation period will a permanent employment contract be offered to the security officer. We manage our personnel with dedicated contract managers and supervisors to ensure that effective and professional security services are maintained.

Under our guarding services we offer:
• Security K9 dogs for patrols and searches
• Front of house services
• Access and egress control
• Internal patrols and lockdown services
• CCTV installations and on-site monitoring
• Armed Reaction and mobile patrolling services 


Loss control in all business sectors

For retail, logistical and transport, mining and corporate businesses, minimising and controlling overall losses, saving clients substantial amounts of money.  
To reduce risks and losses or to bring shrinkage down below the acceptable loss percentage in the retail industry require a meticulously constructed security strategy and loss control plan that would save money and reduce staff problems.

Under our Loss Control Services, we offer:
• A loss control manager
• A loss control plan
• Tight access control
• Installation and on-site monitoring of CCTV cameras
• Surveillance from the on-site control room
• Delivery and receiving double checkers
• Stock control
• Checking all paperwork to orders
• Proper lockdown procedures 

Truck driver (30s) sitting in cab of semi-truck.

VIP protection and bodyguarding services

Covering visiting dignitaries, corporate organisations / businesses, high net worth families and celebrities. Our VIP protection services are second to none. We’ve been involved since 2008 in many VIP protection operations across the world.

Under this particular service, we encompass:
• Client threat profiling
• Residential and office security
• Advance security, route and venue scouting
• Motorcade services
• Close protection
• Mopping up services 


Riot and strike control

Working within the broad spectrum of the law, we protect businesses, personnel and assets against rioters or protestors. Since our inception, we’ve been involved with various strike control operations in Pretoria, Rustenburg, Delmas, Durban and Eastern Cape. We offer clients assistance right from the start when a potential strike is looming by introducing our counter strike process.


Within our riot control operations, we provide:
• A counter strike plan
• Operations managers
• Counter strike force
• K9 dogs and handlers
• Access control officers
• VIP protection officers
• Vehicles
• Armoured vehicles 
• Logistics and communications 


Commercial and private surveillance and investigations

We cover corporate businesses, adultery & marital, criminal and forensic requirements. 
If there is theft, fraud or a security breach in your organisation, we’ll find it. Our surveillance and investigative services include:
• Client liaison
• Information gathering and profile building
• Team and equipment selection and compilation
• Mobile recce operations
• Electronic stakeouts, static and mobile surveillance
• Marital surveillance
• Commercial surveillance and investigations
• Report compilations


Logistics security and tracking

Protecting convoys and containers, at sites, on the road or at sea.
Convoy and movable asset protection include:
• Armed cargo escorts for high value cargo with vehicles and tracking devices
• Convoy planning and team mobilisation
• Cargo tracking and verification process


Maritime and ship security

We protect ships, cargo, people and projects offshore.
Under Maritime Operations we offer:
• Area reconnaissance
• Intelligence gathering
• Ship security preparations
• Safety and security briefs
• Armed security officers
• Risk and security assessments / audits
• Procurement of logistics for maritime work
• Construction and implementation of industry tested security plans
• Provision of seaborne security specialists for work on vessels or projects
• Examination of services progress
• Technology support LRAD defensive mechanism technology
• Offshore Exclusion Zone
• Monitoring Systems for outer perimeter protection and early warning


Farm security

Protecting farmers against criminal attacks and land invasion
Farm attacks had quadrupled over recent years.
We focus on the following when assisting with farm security:
• Awareness
• Security briefings, planning and implementation
• Defensive and offensive self-defence strategies
• Radio communications
• Immediate action drills
• Survival techniques to include fire prevention, basic firefighting and emergency first aid
• Vehicle maintenance and security preparations


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